Studium general about etiquette

Before the holidays, the Al-Ikhlash santri were given debriefings about Etiquette. The introduction of the prevailing behavioral norms in the community was given by the head of the pesantren and his assistants for 2 days in the form of a public lecture.

Some provisions for manners and manners are given in detail starting from clothing, walking on the highway, in restaurants, in public transportation, to adab using social media all mixed in etiquette material. Emphasis on the use of subtle feelings in acting is also given, so that the santri can consider their taste in associating with others.

Ust Muhsin Arafat Delivered the Public Etiquette Lecture

This public lecture became a compulsory material for al-Ikhlash’s modern huts before the santri returned to vacation, both first and second semester holidays. Thus the santri are expected to know some of the norms that apply in the community as a provision for future community.