Al-Ikhlash pesantren is an Islamic boarding school educational institution that emphasizes education rather than teaching , as for the direction and purpose of education in this cottage are:

  1. Serving the community , it means that education and teaching in the cottage is not only prepared for entry into universities both domestically and internationally, but always remember what will be found in the community.
  2. Simple life, Life in Pondok Pesantren is surrounded by simplicity, but great. Simple does not mean passive and does not mean poverty or poverty, but it contains elements of strength and fortitude, self-control in the face of life’s struggle with all the difficulties. So behind the simplicity it is enormous soul, dare to move forward in the face of life struggle, abstinence in all circumstances. Even here is the growth of a strong mental / character, which is a condition for his success in the struggle of life.
  3. Not partying , Teaching and education at the pesantren have absolutely nothing to do with the party or group, even the pesantren teaches students to think freely, so that it becomes the agent of the unity of ummah for all groups.
  4. The main goal is the Thalabul Ilmi service , meaning that the santri (student) at the Al-Ikhlash Modern Islamic Boarding School has only one purpose, namely “worship in seeking of knowledge” by fulfilling religious orders.

Education and Teaching Level

  1. Middle & high school level equivalent education
  2. Inputs that can be entered are graduates of SD / MI or SMP / MTs.
  3. The duration of education is 6 years for elementary / MI graduates, while for junior high school / junior high school graduates 4 years (with intensive programs)
  4. Arabic and English are the language of instruction used in the process of teaching and learning activities and daily communication.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

The curriculum applied at Al-Ikhlash Modern Islamic Boarding School is the KMI Pondok Darussalam Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo East Java curriculum and the Curriculum developed by PP Modern Al-Ikhlash. And the teaching method is the method of modern teaching, especially in the teaching of foreign languages.