Muhadlarah (speech training) is a mandatory activity three times a week; Arabic every Thursday afternoon, English every Sunday night and Indonesian every Thursday night.

Sports students are required to run in the morning twice a week; Friday and Tuesday. Before running they practice muhadasah in Arabic or English according to the specified week; English week and Arabic week. Also available are sports such as futsal, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. Football practices on the field in the village of Ciawilor and each branch has its own club.

Al-Ikhlash Expo

Art courses are also given in accordance with the interests of students, such as stringing together, calligraphy, guitar, angklung, calung and other arts, al-ikhlash also has a band of santri and nasyid and qasidah bands.

Skills are also channeled through courses such as typing, computer, screen printing and others. Typing courses are compulsory for class III and computers are required for class V, so that students graduating from Al-Ikhlash can type well and can use computers.