At Al-Ikhlash Modern Pesantren foreign language teaching is focused on Arabic and English. According to the terms of the pesantren, both languages ​​constitute the “crown” of the cottage. the target of the santri after graduating from the hut can be active in Arabic and English.

The learning methodology used is the direct method (al-thariqah al-mubasyirah) as someone learns Mother’s language. immediately pronounced and immediately recorded in everyday conversation.

Every day in addition to subject matter in class, it is also supported by the provision of new vocabulary every day. Conducted in the morning after reading the Qur’an, at dawn, the students were given a new vocabulary as well as being trained to use it in perfect sentences.

The language proficiency program is also supported by the use of the language learned in the study of the religious sciences presented in Arabic since the students sat in class II of TMI.

Mrs. Namji from Hawaii delivered his presentation in English

Besides that, language discipline is also programmed; the santri must speak Arabic or English, both fellow friends and talk with clerics.

The sanctions for those who violate language discipline seek sanctions that support language learning such as memorizing short letters from the Koran, memorizing hadith, mahsudzat or writing essays in Arabic or English. It could also be the addition of new vocabulary.

Other supporters with speech contests in Arabic or English, as well as inter-class drama competitions in both languages. In addition, every semester, speakers from native speakers are available who are ready to give public lectures or training using Arabic or English and are not translated. It is expected that these activities can create the proper use of language and recognize language culture.

Dr. Muhammad Thoyyib from Sudan at the Tasyji ‘Lughah Arabiyah program

For encouragement every semester there is also a tasyji ‘lughah program such as strengthening language skills by presenting outside guest lecturers, as well as asatidz from inside the lodge.

Al-Ikhlash also collaborated with Atdikbud Cairo in presenting Egyptian students to strengthen language proficiency, they stayed in Pondok for 2 months and joined the santri of course using Arabic.

Orientation of Egyptian students at Al-Ikhlash