Leadership for Al-Ikhlash is an important lesson that must be given to the santri in accordance with its purpose, namely society. The santri must be ready to lead and be ready to be led, according to the slogan which is always echoed by the chief of the pesantren to his students.

Leadership proficiency is not enough by debriefing the theory of leadership alone, but an arena must be provided to accommodate the santri in practicing directly how to lead.

This is how the students practice the lead


The main training field is the management of the Al-Ikhlash Pondok Modern Student Organization (OPPMA). Through this organization the students were educated to be skilled in organizing, they practiced starting from the committee of committee changes, deliberations, then became administrators for a duration of 1 year. Each service period begins with deliberations which are scheduled for the election of new management and the old management board of directors, arranging work programs and the inauguration of new administrators. Followed by LDK for new administrators.

Inauguration of the OPPMA Board for the Period 2019-2020

The task and role of the board of the OPPMA is to drive the discipline and activities of the lodge. Starting from the daily activities of santri, activists of language, sports, health, arts, kitchens and dormitory and canteen stalls, environmental cleanliness, parks and so on.

Here the students learn the meaning of ikhlash and merit their motto, do things and don’t ask for services, as far as self-respecting my gawe. This means working and acting, without taking into account wages or services.

Scout Movement

In addition to the OPPMA, which became the field of leadership training was the management of Gudep Pramuka pangkalan Al-Ikhlash Modern Pesantren. The administrators have a role in helping the hut in scouting movements, starting from holding weekly exercises, interpreting, various contingents and send contingents to participate in activities if needed.

Girl Scout Contingent at Jambi

Gudep is also in charge of organizing KMD in collaboration with the Kwarcab Kuningan district.

Class and Dormitory Organizations

This management training is also one form of leadership at the basic level, such as being a boarder of dormitories and class administrators.