Leadership for Al-Ikhlash is an important lesson that must be given to the students in accordance with their objectives, namely society. The students must be ready to lead and be ready to be led, so the motto that is always echoed by the leadership of the cottage to the students.

Leadership skills are not enough by merely providing leadership theory, but an arena must be provided to accommodate the students in practicing directly how to lead.

The main training field is the management of the Al-Ikhlash Modern Pondok Student Organization (OPPMA). Through this organization the students are trained to skillfully organize, they train from the committees to the change of management, deliberations, then to become administrators for a duration of 1 year. Each service period begins with a discussion scheduled for the election of the new management and the old LPJ, arranging the work program and inauguration of the new management. Followed by LDK for new management.