Oral Exam at Al-Ikhlash Modern Islamic Boarding School

The Oral Exam is a form of educational evaluation at the Al-Ikhlash Modern Islamic Boarding School. This activity begins the examination activities in each semester.
Since December 6, 2021, students from grades 1 to 5 have taken an oral exam consisting of three groups of subject matter: Arabic, English, and Worship Practice.
As for the technical oral exam, one by one the students entered the room to answer the questions posed by the examiners; one room usually consists of three or more examiners.
Through this type of exam, it is hoped that the students will have courage, discipline and a strong mental attitude, so that later they will get used to having discussions and interviews.
This test model will also improve students’ thinking skills such as the ability to analyze, make decisions, and finally have creative abilities.

The atmosphere of the oral exam at the Al-Ikhlash Islamic Boarding School is very fun to watch, the students are seen studying seriously, in front of the exam room, in the dormitory yard and in several places students are always seen studying. plus the rumbling sound of students reading or shipping lessons is a pleasure to hear. This really shows that Al-Ikhlash is a learning environment and a learning community