School Development and Cultural Visit in UK

Tuesday (25/10/2022), Leaders of Modern Al-Ikhlash Kuningan Islamic Boarding School along with other Islamic Boarding School Leaders and Caretakers from Indonesia visited the Markfield Institute of Higher Education or MIHE in Leicester in the context of “School Development and Cultural Visit in UK, a Study Visit of Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Leaders (Leicester – Birmingham – London) 20 October – 04 November 2022”

During this opportunity to visit Markfield, al-Ustadz Dr. KH. M. Tata Taufik, M.Ag as the Leader of the Modern Al-Ikhlash Kuningan Islamic Boarding School and a group of other Kyai were welcomed and received by MIHE Chancellor Dr. Zahid and Chair of the Markfield Foundation, Dr. Farouq. As for the group of other Kyai, this consisted of Dr. KH. Sofwan Manaf, M.S.I., Head of Darunnajah Jakarta, KH. Anang R. Masyhadi, M.A., Head of Tazakka Batang, KH. Abdul Kholik, M.A., Deputy caretaker of Asshiddiqiyah Jakarta, KH. Iwan Sofyan Andi, M.S.I., Leader of Baitul Hidayah Bandung, KH. Ali Aulia, LC, M.Hum., Caretaker of the Mu’allimin Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Madrasah, KH. Muhammad Bisri, S.H.I., M.Sc., Director of KMI Tazakka Batang, M. Hasan Darojat Ph.D., Chancellor of Darunnajah University Jakarta, Nyai. Hj. Ilfi Risma, M.Kom., Caregiver for Darunnajah Putri Jakarta, Nyai. Hj. Iis Mulyati., Caretaker of Al-Ikhlash Putri Kuningan Modern Islamic Boarding School, and Nyai. Hj. Eva Maria Ulfah, S.Ag., M.Sc., Supervisor of Al-Ashr Batang Islamic Elementary School.

Together with other Kyai, the Chancellor and the Markfield Foundation, Leaders of the Al-Ikhlash Modern Islamic Boarding School discussed in the context of synergistic cooperation and collaboration between Islamic boarding schools and the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE).

Markfield which is one of the Islamic campuses in England has an area of 9 hectares, where students are also provided with a dormitory if they want to use it. In addition, this campus is also far from the crowds. Markfield is one of those recommended by Islamic Boarding School Kyai for further studies for Islamic Boarding School alumni, especially for Masters and Ph.D levels or for Masters and Doctoral levels through the Chancellor of MIHE, Dr. Zahid with Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia to organize thematic short costs for 2 weeks to 2 months for Islamic boarding school students and teachers.

Dr. KH. M. Tata Taufik, M.Ag as the Leader of the Al-Ikhlash Islamic Boarding School as well as the President of the Association of Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Caregivers (P2I) welcomed Markfield’s willingness.

“It’s really very good and very happy to meet you all here. This meeting paved the way so that we can relate to one another even though we all come from different parts of the world. We all help each other in Islamic education, Islamic education is for all of us, we collaborate in many areas such as curriculum development, teacher human resource development, programs and crash courses, development of teaching content and development of teaching materials, because in my opinion in a world that is experiencing globalization we face the same challenges. And I think while in England, you can all learn best practices and the British education system, and I think with this together we can make great things, we all agree and are very happy to have this good relationship.” said Dr. Farouq as Chair of the MIHE Foundation.

He continued.. “We move forward together to make our educational institutions better than before and help our students so that they can grow and develop with confidence and be able to contribute in creating a better world and a better society”

“On behalf of the President of the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School, I welcome Mr. Farouq for accepting us to collaborate in curriculum development, in developing methodologies, in presenting content from learning for our children in Indonesia so that we can carry out a kind of workshop or short cost here.

University of Birmingham