Scout Movement

Al-Ikhlash Modern Pesantren from its inception obliged its students to follow the scouting movement. Paramuka is the most effective means of education for the younger generation. Therefore al-Ikhlash santri must take part in this activity, not only as a student but up to the readiness to become a scout trainer.

It is mandatory for santri to take the Advanced Basic Course (KMD) which is a basic level course for scout coaches. So that they graduated from Al-Ikhlash they already had a KMD certificate and could become scout coaches in their area.

KMD participants at Al-Ikhlash

In addition, religious teachers are encouraged to continue to take part in scouting courses such as KML (Advanced Advanced Course) and KPD (Basic Level Development Course). Thus the cleric is expected to be ready to be a trainer in KMD activities and ready to help scouting movements outside the hut if needed.

on various occasions the Al-Ikhlash scout contingent participated in various national and regional activities such as National Jam, Jamda, National and Regional Santri Campgrounds.