The annual program consists of the Opening Ceremony of the New Academic Year, Introduction Week, V and Class VI art performances, Public Speaking, Journalistic Workshop, Leadership, Scout movement, Drama Contest, Studium General with speakers from inside the pesantren and from outside the pesantren, presenting national and international experts.

60 Teachers
50 Course & Program
180 Student enrolled
1200 Alumni


Learning to be


Al-Ikhlash pesantren is an Islamic boarding school educational institution that emphasizes education rather than teaching , as for the direction and purpose of education in...


Muhadlarah (speech training) is a mandatory activity three times a week; Arabic every Thursday afternoon, English every Sunday night and Indonesian...


At Al-Ikhlash Modern Pesantren foreign language teaching is focused on Arabic and English. According to the terms of the pesantren, both...


Marching Bands are a group of people who play one or several songs using a number of combinations of musical instruments...

Scout Movement

Al-Ikhlash Modern Pesantren from its inception obliged its students to follow the scouting movement. Paramuka is the most effective means of...


Leadership for Al-Ikhlash is an important lesson that must be given to the santri in accordance with its purpose, namely...

Latest News

May 31, 2019

Ramadlan Program for Class V of KMI

To fill the end of Ramadlan activities, fifth grade students take part in activities such...

May 23, 2019

Alumni Building Construction reaches 85%

The construction of a dormitory building and study room which was named the "Alumni" building...

May 23, 2019

Studium general about etiquette

Before the holidays, the Al-Ikhlash santri were given debriefings about Etiquette. The introduction of the prevailing...